How to: send messages to a bot using the Bot Connector [English]
· ☕ 4 minutos lectura · ✍️ Saturnino Pimentel
I have been working with the Microsoft Bot Framework V4 and I was surprised by the changes that the Microsoft’s Team have implemented for support in a better way the conversations and the different dialogs that the bot can keep with the end user, also the changes made to the projects for being executed with ASP.Net Core that enable other servers to execute this type of projects. Using this framework, I have found some scenarios in which is necessary to send messages to a chat in a direct way without pass through the portal where I have published the bot.

Microsoft Ignite the Tour 2019 México [English]
· ☕ 1 minutos lectura · ✍️ Saturnino Pimentel
In April 10th and 11th of 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in the Microsoft Ignite the Tour 2019 in the World Trade Center of the Mexico City, I talked about “CosmoDB + Azure Function” with @HassanArteaga and @daverndn, it was a pleasure for me to participate and share experience with the attendees of the event as well as assist to the different sessions where others MVPs and product members participated .

Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 CDMX [English]
· ☕ 1 minutos lectura · ✍️ Saturnino Pimentel
The last April 27th the Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 CDMX and the Dynamic 365 Saturday took place at the offices of Microsoft México, the technical sessions were divided into three tacks: Cloud Bussines Apps AI All of them were dictated for MVPs from Mexico and LATAM. In this occasion, I have the opportunity to share my experiences about the Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure DevOps showing how we can do continuous integration scenarios with intelligent agents for speed up our value delivery to our users, it was for me a pleasure sharing knowledge with the community and see the interest that it raises.