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How to: change the SDK version of Xamarin.iOS and the Xcode version in a build pipeline in Azure DevOps

Now with all the new App Store's constraints the new applications should support the 12.1 version of iOS, this could eventually cause issues if you created a CI/CD pipeline for Xamarin.iOS in Azure DevOps configured with a compilation agent hosted in Azure DevOps, you could have an error with a message that indicates you that the 12.1 version was not found.

It is not the time for panic as you will see in the next link, the hosted agent supports the version that is required, you just need to change a little bit the pipeline's script and add the next instructions before realizing the compilation steps for assign to the agent the required configurations.

    - script: sudo $AGENT_HOMEDIRECTORY/scripts/select-xamarin-sdk.sh 5_16_0 
      displayName: 'Select the Xamarin SDK version 5.16.0'
    - script: echo '##vso[task.setvariable variable=MD_APPLE_SDK_ROOT;]'/Applications/Xcode_10.1.app;sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/Xcode_10.1.app/Contents/Developer
      displayName: 'Updating xcode version'

Remember that you need to select the image 'macOS 10.13'.
I hope this quick post save you some search time.

Happy coding!

I am learning English and I need to practice, I probably made mistakes in this publication. If you think I need to change something in this publication, please let me know, I'll work on that. Thank you!

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