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How to: Add snippets to the toolbox of Visual Studio 2015

One of the features of Visual Studio that I did not know until recently, it's the ability to add snippets to the toolbox, a feature that is very useful to remember all the snippets you've created.

Using it is so simple as selecting the code that we want to use and make "drag and drop" in the toolbox of Visual Studio.

After we'll have the option to change the name to something more friendly with just a right click on the snippet and selecting "Rename item" option.

And with these simple steps, we'll have our snippets available in the toolbox of Visual Studio.

As I told you is very simple and easy this feature, I hope you find useful this feature. Greetings!

Saturnino Pimentel

Saturnino Pimentel

Microsoft MVP, consultant, blogger, and speaker. Saturnino is a co-founder of the community "programadores c#" and the c# meetup of the Mexico city also he enjoys working with other communities.

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